Subproject Z



Organization, communication, administration, optimization of the process technology and supply of the groups with high pressure equipment


One objective of this sub-project is to supply the group members with autoclaves or the relevant know-how, in order to achieve optimum purity and functionality of the systems and to strive towards perfection of autoclave expertise. Super alloys like INCONEL are used as base materials. In addition, it is absolutely imperative to develop coatings most probably in the form of ceramic coatings. The development, qualification and the explanation of their interactions with the reactants as well as their characteristics is the main objective of sub-project Z.

Another objective is to direct and to combine the scientific results of the interdisciplinary group and the possibility to generate innovative, integrated technologies, which could in turn be used in the individual sub-projects. The development of a coating technology is one example of the issues to be dealt with in the central project. Another task is to provide an opportunity for the exchange of important experimental data among all project partners. Finally, through these associations, we want to create a reliable concept for the up-scaling of the ammonothermal process.

Another task of sub-project Z is to review of the research of the group regarding patent-related findings. Sub-project Z guides the required patent procedure. Also, the organization of workshops and conferences, the coordination of publications and quality management is a central feature of sub-project Z. The project shall also ensure that the aspired goals and objectives of the sub-projects and the whole project are reached. In addition, this sub-project is responsible for the development and maintenance of the research network on a national and international level as well as its organizational planning and coordination. Furthermore, this includes the coordination of the funds for gender equality and the support of qualified young researchers and students as well as the regarding resource management and budget control. In doing so, collaboration with the ARIADNE program in Erlangen and the promotion of women of the participating universities is strived for.